The 2010 AICP show winners were announced yesterday. You can see all winning spots online on the AICP website

The AICP show differs to other advertising awards in that it focuses on “The Art & Technique of the the American Commercial”. Categories include Visual Style, Production, Production Design, Cinematography, Editorial, Animation, Graphic Design, Visual Effects, Musical Arrangement, Agency Art Direction, Sound Design, Low Budget, Performance / Dialogue, Humor, etc.

The production house MJZ took home the most awards for their spots directed by Tom Kuntz, Rupert Sanders, Nicolai Fuglsig, Spike Jonze, Craig Gillespie.

The spot Old Spice “The Man Your Man Can Smell LIke” directed by Tom Kuntz took home three different awards, Advertising Excellence, Humor, and Performance / Dialogue. Have you seen it yet?

If you have 30 minutes to spare, be sure to watch the AICP winning spots. It will be definitely worth your time.