While we are living in a time where the whole workflow is hindered by the conditions COVID-19 has wreaked upon us, there is a small island next to Japan, where the number of infections of COVID-19 is still under 500 people. The number of new infection cases in Taiwan has been zero for 6 days in a row as of now, not to mention the fact that people can still live and work almost normally since the outbreak.

私たちは現在COVID-19の影響でワークフロー全体が妨げられている時代を生きています。しかし、日本の隣にある小さな島国、台湾ではCOVID-19の感染者数は未だ500人未満。 この6日間、新たな感染者数は0人です。よって、人々は以前とほぼ変わらない生活をし、仕事を続けることが出来ています。

Production, such as shooting, post-production and commercial activities are still going on as usual in Taiwan. More and more overseas projects are coming into Taiwan for remote shoots and remote posts. Of course, functioning normally is not the only charm Taiwan has to offer. There are many great talents and attractive artists, from the Oscar Best Director Ang Lee, to the most popular Tapioca Milk Tea (it’s the real deal).


That is why we’re here today to introduce a CGI/Post Company that we’ve been working with for a Japanese campaign since last year: I-TWO. They are well reputed for producing stellar quality work with a strong diligent team. 

Founded in 1998, I-TWO specializes in CGI special effects, design of cultural and creative products, and their business operations span across several countries in Asia. Apart from the above mentioned core business, they also work on 3D movies, miniature model designs, visual & graphic design, event marketing and other integrated marketing services.

そこで、昨年からとある日本のキャンペーン施策に共に取り組んでいる台湾のCGI / ポスプロ会社、I-TWOをご紹介したいと思います。I-TWOは、優秀なチームとクオリティーの高いの作品を生み出すことで有名です。1998年に設立され、CGIとカルチャー・クリエイティブ商品のデザインに特化し、その事業範囲はアジアの国々をまたがり、その他にも、3D映画、ミニチュアモデルデザイン、ビジュアル&グラフィックデザイン、イベントマーケティング、その他の統合マーケティングサービスにも取り組んでいます。

Please take a look at some of their work below:


BreakTalk TalkDance


Glienfiddich CNY Limited Edition

General Showreel 2019


I-TWO has been well known for more than 20 years among China and Taiwan’s production industry. They have always been regarded as one of the best solutions for clients, due to their brilliant treatments and lovely prices. Better yet, their own demands for quality are way beyond what you can imagine, making you want to work with them again and again.


Last but not least, malleably shifting our focus to other means of production is natural and must be commended, especially during hard times. Therefore please remember, Taiwan can be that solution, to help in every possible way with open arms. Solidarity is without borders. 


 The world might be different from what it was before but, I wish for it to become safe again, very soon. 



Stay safe and healthy.


Co-writer : Tak Saito